Turkcell Project Manager of Healthcare AI Team

JAN AUG 2019

Creating healtcare solution projects to develop artificial intelligence technologies. Classification and processing of health care data via providing analysis of and imaging for results to assist the AI team.

Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical Core Clerkship Program.

OCT NOV 2018

I have attended neurology department of Johns Hopkins Hospital as a visiting medical student. I have completed neurology clinical core clerkship program.


HUAWEI Technologies, Future Stars Program.

AUG 2017

I participated in the Huawei Technologies Future Stars Program to contribute to the production of ideas that could bring health and technology together.


CERN, Associated Member of the Personnel (Trainee) of the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

AUG 2016

I have participated in a research project that computational neuroscience based mathematical and computational modeling of neuron cell in CERN IDEASQUARE Department.
Detailed work: Mathematical and computational modeling of neuron cell. Information processing and simulating on MATLAB.

Bezmialem Vakif University Research Center, Animal Use in Experimental Research Course.

NOV 2016

12th Animal Use in Experimental Research Course organized by Animal Research Ethics Committee of Bezmialem Vakif University.


Bezmialem Vakif University Research Center, Molecular Medicine Techniques Course.

FEB 2016

Skills Gained: PCR Analysis, Real Time PCR Analysis, ELISA Techniques, Western Blotting Techniques, Electrophoresis, Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification Techniques, DNA Microarray Analysis