Multidisciplinary Approach in Health

Multidisciplinary approach in science is becoming more popular and widespread in world today. Health care technologies based on basic sciences such as physics, mathematics, computer sciences, electricity and electronic engineering etc. You can count many basic sciences that make solutions to complex health care technologies and obstacles. Multidisciplinary approach in health is important for progression of health care technologies and making better solutions for compex problems in health and critical diseases.

Complex problems requires more perspective and looking from new windows to problems for sort itself out or better solutions. Everyday we are notice more details about the human physiology and we have very big data about the malfunctions of the body in short diseases. Popular complex problems becoming more common like cancer, alzheimer, diabetes mellitus, neurodegeretive diseases, etc. First example is cancer can be diagnosed by high technology scanning machines and various blood tests. Afterwards, treatment options; radiotherapy, proton therapy, chemotherapy etc. These all steps and applications require many different disciplines colloboration.

Contrubition to science is becoming more difficult and also more easy. Difficulties are problems are becoming more complex, in the other hand easy part is take advantage of many discipline is becoming more common and attainable.

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